Crystal Healing Yoga

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes are on:

Monday: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Tuesday: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Thursday: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am- 10:30 am

All Yoga classes are $25.  Personal Yoga sessions are available for $50 an hour.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing works on the subtle body or the Auric body.  Just like the physical body, the Auric body can out of sync for many different reasons.  Life style, trauma, illness, even trauma from past lives can cause dis-ease in the Auric body which then manifests in the physical body.  Crystal Healing Yoga offers the following modalities, for more details please call Shahereen.

Chakra Balancing and Healing: using crystals on the

7 energy points on the body, each Chakras are healed and balanced.

Magnetic Polarisation: magnets are placed on key areas of the body to re-polarise the client to Earth's North and South Pole.

Past Life Healing: it is believed that Souls can journey to Earth many times to learn different lessons.  If during one of these journeys, the Soul departed under traumatic condition, It will remember it and manifest the dis-ease in the current journey.  By journeying back to that point in time and releasing the stress and pain, the Soul will feel safe in "the here and now".

Crystal Lymphatic Cleanse: Lymphatic System of the human body relies on physical movements for the flow of the lymphatic fluids.  Clear Quartz Crystals resonates with the ionic makeup of the lymphatic fluids.  By massaging in a stroking movement over the lymphatic systems, the flow is faster as the blockage is released with localised massaging with the crystals.  Thus speeding up the process of releasing toxins from the body.

Reike: Japanese name for the Universal Energy that is used for healing.  It is a form of intentional healing that addresses the energetic imbalance in the Auric Body.

Cost is $150 for first consult, about hour and a half.  Follow on Healing is $100 for an hour.

Upon consultation, there can be a combination of modalities used.

Healing Massages

Crystal Healing Yoga  offers 3 kinds of Healing Massages

Aromatic Reike Massage:  a gentle soothing and relaxing massages using customised blend of essential oils and Reike.

Cost is $75 for one hour.

Healing Hot Stone Massage: using hot Basalt Rocks on the body drawing out the impurities from deep within the cells.  The rocks are massaged over the body and then placed  on the body.  The heat of the rocks releases toxins from the cells,  making it easier for the body to dispose them.

Cost is $75 for one hour.

Tantric Healing Massage: complete body massage that invites the client to be fully present in the body.  This massage is not for  the faint hearted as it involves the private areas to be massaged.  Prior to having a Tantric Massage there is a healing conversation to address any prior deep seated issues of sexual discomfort as these traumas can be re-ignited.  The client is always in control of what they want.  This massage session is for two hours, including the healing conversation. Cost is $300 for two hours.

Tantric Healing Massage only is available from $150 for an hour.  Yoni Massage for ladies and Lingam Massage for gents.  Please call for more details.


Treat yourself and/or a friend to a mini retreat.  Package contains 1 hour personal yoga class and one 1 hour massage* or Energy Healing.

Cost is $100 for yoga and massage combo; $125 for yoga and healing combo (saving of $25 ). 

For $10 extra you can add nutritious vegetarian meal.

*conditions:  does not apply to Tantric Healing Massage;  BOOKINGS AND PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE 48 HRS IN ADVANCE;