About Shahereen


Shahereen has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 2011, and healing since 2009.  She qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher in Sydney and has been to India and locally for number of professional development courses to keep her updated.  Her healing journey started in 2008 after a life changing Past Life meditation circle.  She embarked on a steep learning journey of working with Crystals, Reike, Past Life Regression Therapy, Cyrstal Energy Healing and Healing Massages.  She is deeply passionate about the Divine and Empowered Feminine who is fearless in showing her compassion and empathy.  Shahereen's focus is in bringing out the best in women, men and children, to bring out  their divine self and to achieve what each individual has come to  Mother Earth to do.  She is a Healer for Mother Earth and all the sentient beings who co-habit on Her.